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As part of our Wellness & Sustainability Commitment, Ardour & Bow have pledged to donate a percentage of our annual income to looking after the environment and our planet. We are fortunate to have links to an incredible charitable organisation called Forever Wild, based in Queensland, Australia.

Through the innovative conservation work of Forever Wild, which you can read more about below, we are investing in verified, fully accredited carbon credits, to enable Ardour & Bow to become carbon neutral as a business going forward.



"Forever Wild protects some of the Earth’s last great wildernesses for societal well-being, for biological diversity and its evolutionary potential, for our cultural record and economic values - places where we allow ourselves to be inspired!

We have a bold vision spanning centuries yet to come, for nature and human society. We envision a world in which there will always be vast and wild places, rich in biological diversity and human culture. Forever Wild is acquiring land and building innovative partnerships worldwide to create vast Shared Earth Reserves that are ecologically, politically and socially sustainable.

Forever Wild's fully accredited carbon credits meet the Australian Government standard. Crucially, we also tie-in all our work sequestering atmospheric carbon to specific conservation and social outcomes, with defined metrics, which are reported on every 2 years."




Sustainable eVENTs

We can work with you in any way you choose, from suggesting ways to help reduce the environmental impact, right through to curating a wholly eco-conscious, and ethically considered event.

There are endless possibilities to suit your own personal aims, for example limiting food miles with locally-grown produce, or utilising some stunning British florals. Incorporating hand-picked local ethical suppliers is also important to us, and this helps to ensure your event supports the local economy as well. We can help to reduce the food waste generated, and throughout the planning look for ways to reduce plastic use, and instead use sustainable resources.

We can assist with presenting other sustainable wedding and event ideas too, such as ethical wedding attire, sustainable wedding favours, or even offsetting your carbon - perhaps if you have guests travelling long distances for your event.

Perhaps you would like to plan pre-wedding event activities with a wellness aspect as well. Whether you want some personal reflection with a bespoke yoga experience, or wish to incorporate elements into your hen or stag-do, we can suggest mindful, restorative, and
re-balancing activities.

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